A Complete Turn Around For The Patch

“It’s been a rough decade or so for the Patch Golf Course… but this old course has a new lease on life.”

After being privatized, abandoned and then put up for sale, the city of Augusta, Georgia didn’t think there was a positive outcome for The Patch. In an attempt to bring life to the course, Commissioners hired Cypress Golf Management to take on the project.

With the help of Cypress Golf Management the Membership list grew, the course conditions are better than they have ever been. Jim Dent, a 12 time PGA Senior Tour winner, was enjoying the course when he said “If you look at the golf course it’s growing. The fairways and greens are like night and day, the tees are better, everything is better.”

5 years later those Commissioners are so happy that they extended the contract with Cypress Golf Management for another 5 years. Watch the full story below.

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