Golf Marketing

Creating a Social Media Strategy can be overwhelming! You’ll read a million articles telling you how to build elaborate plans around your marketing and show you a slew of platforms you need to manage. The problem is, all of those articles rarely tackle the biggest question page admins have… What the heck do I post?

The answer to this question is much more simple than you think.
  1. Take advantage of that picturesque view. In the golf business, we’re up early. Often we watch the sunrise and set over our greens and hardly ever give it a second thought. When you see it every day, sometimes it can lose it’s magic. Your audience? They’re stuck in their cubical, or behind the wheel of their mobile office, pining for a view like ours. Give it to them!
  2. People love a good giveaway.Throw out a golf related Trivia Question to your audience and see who knows the game best. Offer a small prize to the winner, like a logo hat or sleeve of balls. Customers love free stuff and they will have to come into your club to claim their prize. Once you have them in the door, they’re more than likely going to play a round. This strategy is a Win/Win because now you’ve turned that customer into a walking billboard for your club. Plus, the customer engagement on your social media post will cause it to rank higher organically in the newsfeed.
  3. Does your Food & Beverage Team cook up a killer lunch special? Lets see it! Being a food has become quite the trend in recent years, so hop on the band wagon. Don’t just tell us what’s on the lunch menu, show us.
Strategy is extremely important in any Marketing Plan, but ultimately people want to see who your business is beyond the sales pitch. Show them what is going on in your club, encourage them to engage with your posts and watch your Social Media stats soar!
Still sound like too much of a headache? We have you covered. Reach out to Cypress Golf Management today to see how we can eliminate the marketing hassle from your plate.