3 Reasons Why Email Marketing DOES Work

Digital Marketing is evolving at the speed of light. With new advances and detailed targeting methods in Pay Per Click, many are quick to put their email marketing on autopilot and focus on other methods. This is a hasty move since a 2016 study done by eMarketer showed that 81% of customer acquisition and 80% of customer retention is done through email. Cypress Golf Management has found the top three reasons your email marketing is failing and we’re here to help you fix it.

  1. When you send an email, does it blanket your entire database? This is a huge faux pas that can send your unsubscribe rates through the roof. Segregating customers into their own data “buckets” is the first step to create a successful email strategy. Loyalty Customers and those who haven’t booked with you in some time is a good place to start. Do you have a food and beverage operation? Identify your clients that spend the most in food and the least in food. There are many ways to segment your clients, but make sure they all stem from client purchase behavior.
  2. Are you tailoring your message to the intended reader? Without segmentation this will never happen. If your loyal customers get golf deals, then you’re cannibalizing your own profits. If a guy who occasionally plays 9 holes for fun with his son is bombarded with tournament information, then he’s on his way to unsubscribe. It’s important to know what your customers want and how to leverage this to turn a profit. Your loyal golfers need up-sell emails. Offer a discount on food and beverages with their golf to increase their total spend. The golfer who only comes out on occasion needs an email that cuts prices during a dead spot on your tee sheet.
  3. Is your email actionable? 81% of customer acquisition happens through email because good emails provide a clear, actionable way to take advantage of the offer. Take the responsibility off of the customers shoulders and allow them to book at a lower rate, take advantage of food and beverage pricing or sign up for your tournament as soon as you’ve peaked their interest.

Don’t let your email database waste away because of high unsubscribes or a lack of action. Cypress Golf Management is here to help you turn your database into revenue with more proven digital marketing strategies like these. Get a free course evaluation today and see just what we can do for your property.

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