New Year, New You!

Is your facility meeting all of the benchmarks to achieve the success you want for 2019?

We’ve made it through 2018 and for many of you the end of the first quarter of 2019 and with the passing of another year comes reflection. Right now, is the time to review the performance of your municipal course and assess how to move forward in 2019 or if your year has already started, determining if the club is on track at this time. The hardest part with this task is often identifying which benchmarks are the best to measure progress. With decades of experience, Cypress Golf Management knows exactly where to look to make sure your course is on track. The following are three key questions that we ask to be able to determine your clubs path.

  1. Is your property meeting it’s financial goals? So often Municipal courses like yourself want to be able to present an amenity to the public, but the last thing you need is a course that is not achieving their rounds and revenue goals or a money sucking monster that is spending more money on operating expenses than it should and you wind up overspending your budget and stalling the cities progress.
  2. Are your customers and/or members happy? This is a big one! No one wants to spend money with a business that doesn’t show the client they are respected and valued. Ensure that your employees are regularly interacting with the clients in a polite, respectful manner and taking an interest in the customers lives. Are there plenty of club events and activities to keep people at the club?
  3. Is your course consistently in good condition? Think about your overall course conditions throughout the year. If you’ve over seeded then your conditions may be good for the short term, but later this year you’re going to have a mess to clean up.

Ay Cypress Golf Management we’re well versed in the struggles of Municipal Courses. We want to be a resource for handling the stresses that come with your Golf Club. If you’re still struggling to figure out how to properly assess which benchmarks your club is hitting reach out to us. We offer a free On-Site Evaluation of your course to help you learn stress points, how fix them and make your club as successful as possible.


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